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Caleb Engelhardt, MA

Caleb Engelhardt, MA

MA in Mental Health Counseling, Intern

Crystal Lake Office


Although I am an intern, I have experience interacting with many individuals of different ages and walks of life, and it is my intention to interact with even more diverse groups of people. My experience and education have prepared me to work with a wide variety of clients to help them grow into becoming healed and whole people.


Counseling Approach

I am equipped to work with individuals of any age and have particular familiarity working with adolescents and adults. I seek to create a safe and welcoming environment with clients through unconditional positive regard and humor, and most often use cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, and solutions-focused therapy. It is clear to me how much value can be found in connecting with one’s faith; I am happy to offer faith-based therapy and involve a client's faith life in counseling when it is expressly requested by the client. 


How I Can Help

Everyone lives a different life in a different place, but everyone values feeling understood. It is my belief that by creating a place where someone feels safe and at ease, we are giving ourselves a chance to breathe and chart a path forward. I recognize that there are a lot of complex aspects to our lives and no single solution can help everyone, and it is my goal to help clients in slowing down, understanding where they have been, and looking at where they want to go from where they are now. I will work together with clients to grow and thrive in their lives, feeling equipped and whole as they continue to create their own story.


More About Me

I have lived in the northern parts of the Chicago suburbs my entire life, and it has taught me to value spice of life (and food) that is diversity. I love spending time with my girlfriend, family, and close friends, and my faith is core to everything about my life. With my numerous hobbies of books, music, and all kinds of games, if there is a nerdy interest out there, I am likely to be very familiar with it. As is made abundantly clear when we first meet, I am incredibly social and find great joy in laughing with those around me.

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