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CFCL Mission and Vision

Living Brave and Free!


CFCL’s mission and vision is to improve the lives of staff and clients by fostering an atmosphere of grace, empowerment, growth, courageous living, and relationship.



Faith, Courage and Connection 


Faith: We are a Christ-Centered Practice. We embrace biblical values and practices within the organization. We believe live’s and relationships can be restored through faith, courage, and connection. These values show up in the way staff care for one another, and in how clients are cared for and served in counseling. We live by a purpose greater than ourselves.


Equality: We serve clients who do not ascribe to faith, spiritual or religious practices. Clients are

served equally and with autonomy. Spirituality, faith and religion are not a part of therapy unless

there is a request from client. Therapist personal faith is not proselytized or offered without the

directly expressed desire of client, as it relates to the client’s goals of therapy. 


Courage: By embracing Faith, with the caring support of our therapists, clients are finally able to find Courage, to be Brave and Free, to face and move through painful circumstances. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, addiction, marriage and couples issues can experience healing. Mountains can be moved, and broken hearts can be restored. 


Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. 

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you 

wherever you go.”


Connection: We build with clients restorative relationships as we provide to them therapy and counseling; we also foster the same supportive environment for our staff:


  • Connection to our Clients: Our therapists foster connection with clients by creating genuine, humble, caring, knowledgeable, experienced and research-based care. Our therapists are unique: some therapists connect with clients through play, some through emotional experiencing, others through humor, books or art, others through spiritual insights. Therapy is individualized based on client's comfort and needs.

  • Connection to Staff: Within the organization we prioritize relationship by meeting weekly and by planning outings away from work. We value a supportive and connected work culture, a culture of working through differences directly with one another and by leaning into conflict and differences for best outcomes. 

Respect for All 


Service to all clients is offered, despite differences of faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, political belief, difference of ethnicity or any other differences that may arise. We believe in client-affirmative care.


Clinicians are advised to refer clients for more appropriate care if clinician is triggered or affected personally in a way that relates to clinician personal trauma or in the case of lack of training and education in working with client with differences. Clinical staff support supervision around this topic.


Humble, Hungry with High Clinical Standards


  • Humble: Staff are hired because of humble spirits, goals that are greater than themselves, a healthy sense of self, service first rather than seeking personal gain or recognition for the sake of recognition.

  • Hungry: CFCL supports a growth mindset by hiring motivated clinicians to grow clinically and personally; staff that are hungry to learn, willing to grow and take responsibility for all aspects of his/her position.

  • High Clinical Standards: CFCL supports clinician niche specialty certifications, offering of quarterly (and more) clinical CE trainings, speaking engagements, as well as compensation incentives for continued clinical education and training.


Fun: CFCL values fun and fellowship: clients can experience fun clinical activities as well as use of humor in healing process. CFCL fosters team outings, providing a fun workspace, and this usually includes chocolate, coffee, and good food!


Honesty and Direct Communication:  CFCL fosters an environment of honesty, kind and direct communication when differences arise; we encourage and support clients to do the same in support of restorative relationships. 


Empowerment and Positive Work Environment: CFCL works hard to create a culture and client care that include empowering words, with caring and intentional guidance; an environment of negativity, criticism and sarcasm are not values we support.

Highest Standards of Care


Privacy:  We partner with the highest rated Privacy and HIPAA compliant vendors who agree to a BAA (Business Associate Agreement). By doing so, clients are assured that CFCL values client privacy and takes great lengths to ensure PHI is safe and secure. Staff must complete Hipaa/Privacy training before beginning to see clients. Staff are also trained in privacy practices and HIPAA compliant protocols. Ongoing PHI client privacy checks are conducted by management.


Attention to Detail:  We take a great deal of time to ensure processes and clinical documentation meet regulation requirements as well as a hassle-free experience for our patrons. We care about details and a high level of execution for best client care outcomes.


Simple and Efficient:  One of our core values is “keep-it-simple”. CFCL invests in technology that support simplicity, to benefit internal operations for all staff as well as to streamline and make simple client experience. 


We Address Problems:  Problems will and do arise. CFCL addresses problems by learning and growing from them; When possible, CFCL works to make experiences better for clients and staff.

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