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Tip-of-the-Day: Spiritual Check-Up

Mission and Vision: Faith Courage and Connection

Can I speak from the heart? With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, it weeds out the unimportant things in life, do you agree? It allows us to be more present each day and embrace the life we have, to be grateful for each moment.

When I opened The Center for Courageous Living, It wasn't on a whim, to make money, or to be was to genuinely reach people who are hurting, feeling lost, and abandoned; people, families and couples who believe there's no hope for a better tomorrow...

Vulnerable moment here...I've seen dark days,and will likely see some in the future. I've experienced regret, loss, but also joy, peace and restoration. We all have our own experiences and journeys, for me, I've seen how there is a loving God who cares, who has the power to heal and to restore brokenness, in marriage, individually, in families, in communities...Is God real? Are we more than physical beings needing medical care for our physical wellness? Are we not spiritual beings as well? I believe we sometimes go through dark days and trials, not for our harm but to wake us up to what really matters.

Faith, Courage and Connection: When we embrace and grow in faith, in spiritual health, when we reach out to a higher power greater than ourselves and one who loves and cares for us, that has power beyond us to heal and change things, we can find and embrace courage to face our truth, to persevere through life's journey, despite painful circumstances, and to be freed from a life of guilt, shame and regret.

We combine spiritual, psychological and interpersonal care to help you find courage, healed relationships and brighter tomorrows.

It is possible to find peace in the midst of a storm!!

Call today to make an appointment: (815) 707-4806

*During COVID-19 we offer only Telehealth Video-Audio Counseling. Once Shelter-in-Place is lifted, we will offer both in-person and Telehealth Services.

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