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"Get your Balance On"

Tip-of-the-Day for New Year 2020

The Problem: Lack of Balance

There are many parts to each of us: physical, spiritual, interpersonal and psychological. Often we may do well in one part, but other parts are neglected. This throws off every part of us...

Our busy culture keeps us either over-worked and/or overstimulated with technology, yet we often feel a lack of connection and contentment.

The Solution: Care for Every Part of Yourself!!

Be intentional with your time, no one will or can do this for you unless you allow it; recognize that we must not only care for one part of ourselves, but all parts; each part affects the whole person.

Set daily goals to care for each part.

A Daily Goals Guide:

1. Spiritual: Meditation, prayer, connection with God, others and nature.

2. Physical: Daily fitness, Dr appt's, healthy diet, dentist, address substance abuse or food addiction issues, sleep.

3. Psychological: Counseling if needed, medications to balance mood ups and downs, choose and explore healthy coping tools, seek treatment for unhealthy addictions or coping habits.

4. Interpersonal: Seek counseling for marital/relational issues, take time for those you love, make plans, invest in growing new relationships.

Call Melissa or Katie at 1 (815) 707-4806 if you need help today navigating balance in your life, or if you're struggling in your relationships, or struggle with unhealthy habits that are getting in the way. We can help.

Blessings in the New Year, Now Get your Balance ON!

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