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Tip of the Day: Slow Your Roll

I've learned many lessons this year, one of the most important lessons has been the importance of slowing down, taking care of myself, being centered in the moments I'm in and not being distracted every minute by the endless to-do's and responsibilities.

My husband's accident and our recovery together over the past 1 plus years has been a life changing experience.

Sometimes traumatic events produce so many important nuggets of wisdom, it's important to take time to consider those insights and take action for a richer, healthier life. I don't know that I would have said at the time of the accident that I was grateful for my spouse's accident or what we endured since that time, but I sure do know that I'm better for it; I believe he'd say the same.

Join me in prioritizing your spirit, self-care, your health, time with friends, time to be fully present in your work, time to consider the changes you need to make to be a healthier version of yourself, and to be in an environment that feels safe and healing for you. Join me in not allowing anything but what is respectful, considerate, loving and meaningful, things that are energizing, empowering and fosters growth, creativity, fun and joy.

If you are struggling in a difficult relationship, as a burned out mom, a father that is defeated, an entrepreneur that feels burned out, struggling with your own mental health, or a lifestyle or addiction you haven't been fully honest about, call us and we have a team of therapists that are sincerely a gift, they'll help you organize and navigate your feelings and experience, as well as help support you with taking action to create a richer and healthier life for yourself.

Call (815) 707-4806 or email to schedule an appointment today.

Don't put yourself last or delay caring for you, this is your life, you can never have the day you're in again; life is precious and we all have numbered days. What's stopping you?

We care about you...

Katie Kroening, LCSW; CADC

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