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Tip-of-the-Day: Address the SLACK!!

• OVER-THINKING: wasting valuable time thinking about things you cannot control (past mistakes, regret, hurts), or current things for which you're afraid to take action. • TIME WASTERS binge watching TV (okay, sometimes this is a MUST-lol); surfing the web for ______? • SLACK SYSTEMS: At WORK or HOME, what are you doing that isn't producing a big benefit and drains time and energy? Focus on eliminating time wasting processes that don't produce the Bang for the Buck!! • RELATIONSHIPS: Are you wasting time in a bad relationship pattern and spinning your wheels? Are you afraid to confront what's toxic? Are you ruminating for years without action? Finding you're in the same dysfunctional place? Address and name the SLACK...take action • Substance Abuse: you're in your addictive cycle, ruminating about every rejection and mistake, you're sitting in SLACK WITHOUT ACTION.



Get out of your HEAD and take action steps today. Create daily disciplines to address your ruminating thoughts. If there's a problem at work, create a discipline to address it, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, DO IT!! if you're in you addictive cycle, create a discipline to get sober: make that call, go to that meeting, get out of where you are!! If you're in a dysfunctional relationship create an action step to make a change!! Call Turning Point, Go to a family member, seek counseling!!

Address the SLACK, walk bravely and face fears, let go of procrastination!!

Please call today if you find you need help cleaning up the SLACK in your life. Create daily disciplines to support the ambivalence and areas you find yourself stuck. Call (815) 707-4806 if you want someone to help you overcome SLACK.


Clean up the SLACK: Check out Craig Groeschel's Leader's Podcast

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