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Katie Kroening, LCSW; CADC

Owner; Clinical Director Psychotherapist

Crystal Lake Office




Individuals, Couples, Marriages, Families, Empowerment

Relationships are so hard; unresolved hurts separate us from loved ones. We get caught in negative cycles, put up defenses that further isolate us from those we love. Some of our defenses include substance abuse, affairs, pornography, gambling, work-a-holism, verbal attacks, avoidance, isolation, stonewalling, criticism; I’m here to help.


I specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT); discovering our attachment wounds and longings are a part of the therapy process.  I help clients identify their own history of attachment wounds and how it affects their relationships, jobs, and friendships. I further help individuals discover the “armor” they wear, and their defense mechanisms to mask feelings of vulnerability. I have seen this therapy transform relationships! 


I love working with clients who may have experienced or are experiencing emotional abuse and other forms of abuse, past and present.  I help clients find freedom, confidence, empowerment, and to find their own voice. I join with clients at their pace to uncover unresolved hurts and help client’s find empowerment and a new sense of safety in the here-and-now.



For clients who are seeking Christian and faith-based therapy, I offer Christian/faith-based therapy; we journey together to utilize the client’s faith, and faith-based resources and modalities in the healing process. When clients embrace their faith, I see their anxiety level drop, hope restored, and courage surface.  Miracles do happen.  


Christian counseling and all faith-based counseling is offered after the client indicates a desire for this type of counseling during initial assessment process. Our practice does not discriminate; we serve all individuals seeking appropriate services, regardless of religion, race, age, sexual orientation, or gender.



I care deeply for my clients. I make sure clients feel equal, important, heard and comfortable. We join each other and create goals and objectives to achieve desired outcomes. Clients drive treatment goals and outcomes, they’re the boss.  


I have an eclectic style and use many evidence-based therapy-tools to customize care for each individual client. Knowledge, years of experience, research based therapies, values and a heart for clients’ successful healing has led to successful client restoration. I have a caring, empathic yet direct approach; this helps clients feel that they’re in safe, confident and clinically trained hands.



When I have free-time I love to spend time with friends, and family. My faith is important to me and guides the values that drive my life, service, and success. I love to exercise (when I have time:)! I’ve run marathons, biked 100 plus miles on the road, as well as mountain biked with my hubby in Moab, Utah on some crazy rocky trails. We love to be active and any time we can, we love to visit MI or CO to snowmobile, bike or hike.  We love our 2 pup’s and our children.  I love my family, friends, community and my job; It’s more than a job, it’s my calling.

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