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From Fear to Freedom


Step into your fear area, be brave and take steps! Carpe Diem, Seize the day that is upon us! What is holding you back? Courageous movement toward a life of self-respect, freedom, love, a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose is literally steps away.

If you need help taking first steps and finding your courage, we can help. We have been afraid, too. We are with and for you!

Don't settle for a life of disrespect, mediocrity, emptiness, loneliness, sadness, abuse, addiction, bitterness, loss of hope. There is light, but to find the light you have to leave the darkness.

Email Jenny@centerforcourage to schedule an appointment to get things right in your life. We care and are fierce advocates for change, empowerment, freedom, love and respect, and self-acceptance.

Call now to leave the darkness and come into the life you were meant to have! We are with and for you! 1 (815) 707-4806

By, Katie Kroening, LCSW; CADC The gift of respecting yourself is the start to a rich life

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