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Lisa Schultz, LCPC

Lisa Schultz, LCPC



I am experienced with diverse populations including Families, Individuals 5+, and Couples, who may be encountering a variety of concerns. Utilizing evidence-based approaches I’ve worked with clients contending with anxiety, depression, PTSD, intimacy difficulties, sexuality, identity development, grief, loss, ACEs, lifespan transitions, personality disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors amongst others. I have additional training in Narrative Trauma Therapy and spent some of my years during school volunteering with CASA as a court appointed special advocate for foster children. I have also spent years working with trafficking survivors as they find freedom and healing. 




Healing from psychological and emotional trauma often involves having to process the events and feelings of the psychic wound and learning how to regulate emotions, rebuild trust and develop healthier means of coping with life. I often utilize a combination of Narrative Trauma Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) when working with abuse and trauma survivors.


Life is a series of transformations, changes, and transitions. Some changes are predictable and normal, and some is unexpected and life changing. Life transitions can be encouraging and positive, but even expected changes can bring a sense of loss for what is being left behind.

Predictable life changes include those that are associated with the normal developmental stages of life. For example, each phase of school, learning to drive, dating, graduating from school and moving on to college, trade school, or military service brings certain emotions and challenges. Other life transitions that are not always predictable such as the loss of relationships through breakups, divorce, and death; loss of employment; or a change in career and financial status. My care and therapy can be a support system for managing change and bringing back a sense of balance and order.


I am passionate about providing therapy for teenagers and young adults. I believe young people can benefit from therapy as this time of life can be so challenging and such a critical part of one’s development. I’m able offer opportunities to: Learn about yourself and discover who you are, Address concerns about depression or anxiety, Increase self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness, Understand the way you communicate and learn new skills, Explore feelings about making positive decisions about sex and relationships, Explore feelings about making positive decisions about drugs and alcohol, Understand the shifting roles and boundaries in your relationships with your family, and Learn positive self-care


Holistic intimacy and a healthy sexual relationship are components of a strong adult relationship. Sexual issues can range from low drive and lack of physical intimacy in a relationship to problems relating to abuse history, sexual addiction, and sexual dysfunction.

I offer help with the relational issues of sex in a couple as well as the communication and behavior patterns that interfere with a healthy sexual expression. My awareness in the area of human sexual development, and attachment can assist individuals and couples dealing with issues of impulsivity, abuse, and dysfunction.


If you are a person of faith and are looking for counseling with a theological lens rooted in Truth, I offer the ability to explore and support you as you journey with God.  It’s my understanding that God’s design and His creation declares His glory! As humans made in the image of God, we are his creation in the following holistic dimensions:

  • A physical person with bodily needs,

  • A social being with relationship needs,

  • A thinking person with cognitive needs, and

  • A spiritual being with a need for God’s Holy Spirit.


I have savored personal restoration and am excited to offer others that same taste of freedom, as we know God at the intersection of Theology and Psychology, through a redeemed Story utilizing Narrative Therapy.


How I Help

I offer the powerful presence of unconditional positive regard, while considering the work I do as sacred. This right brain to right brain attunement strengthens the therapeutic relationship allowing for care and being limbically known. I strive for creating safe space and build scaffolding to make connections and open pathways to insight based in neuropsychological studies.  I guide my clients, with kindness and curiosity through understanding their own personal life story. The questions I commonly explore are Where have you been, where are you now, and where are you going?

More About Me

I am a mom of two strong, brave girls. I enjoy traveling, biking, hiking and adventuring with my people. Skiing is my favorite winter activity while kayaking and beach bumming are for the rest of the year. Learning inspires me, so you’ll find me practicing Martial Arts regularly and learning Improv when my schedule allows. I love standing in awe of the design of nature, breathing in its vast beauty at the edge of the ocean, in the mountains, or looking up at the sky!

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