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Jannette Simmons, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Bilingual

Crystal Lake Office


While I was in the Wheaton program, I had the privilege to be a part of a treatment team/observation team under the supervision of our program director, an enriching opportunity to have that type of hands-on experience early in the program, followed by a one-year internship at a community center and experienced working in private practice. In addition to my experience here in the US, I bring with me invaluable experience from almost 2 decades of service and leadership in ministry back in my country, along with pioneering community/social work, empowering marginalized women with tools for recovery and acquiring critical cross-cultural skills working with diverse populations and international missions' groups. This last part of my experience inspired me to educate myself in understanding the relational and emotional dynamics for families with Third Culture Kids (TCK) and develop a desire to provide space for this population in the therapy space. Professional member of AAMFT. Experienced working with ages 10yo through adulthood.


TRAUMA INFORMED, FAITH-BASED, CULTURAL DIVERSITY- (TCK): My therapeutic approach is informed by systemic thinking, which means that I look at the client’s situations and stories through the lens of the client’s context; context shapes and informs our human experience. I lean on trauma-informed, and evidence-based interventions, along with faith-based interventions for those that welcome it. 

COUPLES, INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES: I truly enjoy working with couples, individuals and families that are wanting to learn how to love one another and live well; to assist couples in finding a healthier way forward, learning the necessary tools to make meaning of their experiences; to gain the ability to be better interpreters of their stories, to improve and understand one another, and to change the negative cycles by which couples might find themselves trapped. I work with children ages 10yo through adolescence as well as adults through the lifespan.


ART THERAPY: As an artist, I love to incorporate visual arts in the therapeutic process when clients welcome this intervention. 

TBI, GRIEF, PERSONALITY DISORDERS, TRAUMA, NEURODIVERGENCE: As a clinician I have had experience serving clients impacted by different forms of trauma, including brain trauma injury. I have walked with clients through deep grief, personality disorders, neurodivergence, and many relational challenges, collaborating with clients in the development of a treatment plan that meets their unique needs. 


I am grateful for the privilege to offer sessions in Spanish as well and be able to remove the language barrier from the therapeutic process that can prevent us from seeking the help we need. It has been also a huge honor to be able to use 11 years of experience serving families impacted by developmental challenges, and now as a therapist to be able to travel and offer psycho-education, and creative play groups to Spanish speaking families impacted by disability.

How I Can Help

I consider the therapy room a sacred space where we get to partner with our clients and enter their stories, walking closely with them as they navigate the journey towards healing. That said, I am very intentional in creating a space where my clients can feel safe and honored for who they are and where they are in their story, offering a warm and compassionate presence, while also encouraging and empowering my clients to create the change they want to see in their lives. 

More about Me

I have been married for 22 years and we have created our little afro caribbean family with  2 children whom I fiercely love. I love practicing hospitality, salsa dancing, and being in nature as much as I can. As an Islander, I can be very content by a sunny beach with my family and friends or being surrounded by beautiful mountains. Reading, writing, cooking, abstract painting and having authentic conversations with others brings me a lot of joy. Laughter is one of my favorite languages as I walk with those around me in this journey called life.

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