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Sarah Levon, LPC


Hello, I’m Sarah, a Licensed Professional Counselor. I offer a master’s degree in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary as well as a master’s in education from Wheaton College. The desire to be better equipped to care for people well is what launched me into the counseling field. I am a compassionate and curious person who loves to learn and share the hope that I discover with all those I walk with through life. I’m especially passionate about the holistic care of teenagers and young adults—particularly for the education and mentorship of young women. My ultimate goal as a counselor is to provide comfort and encouragement on the path towards restoration.


Prior to counseling, Sarah worked as a high school teacher and as a girls’ student ministry director. She has extensive experience working with students in camp ministry, church youth groups, and parachurch organizations. In the mental health field, Sarah has experience with a wide range of demographics including therapy at a private practice, leading group counseling for individuals on probation, serving as an educator on the adolescent wing of a mental health care facility, and as a life development coach where she helped clients successfully transition from therapy to daily life by developing a relationship that models healthy behavior, encourages change, and provides hope.


Sarah’s clinical specialties include working with adolescents, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, OCD, parent-child relationships, college to career transitions, life-skills development, faith-based counseling, establishing self-worth, and psychoeducation.


How I Help

I offer customized care for people as they walk through changes or difficult seasons of life. I am highly observant and often insightful, which can be helpful for becoming aware of a unique or new perspective to consider. My desire is to provide comfort as well as thoughtful and intentional pushes towards self-discovery and positive change. I use a variety of therapy modalities to help facilitate and encourage changes that lead to healing. Some of the things you could expect in counseling sessions include processing experiences, exploring emotions, setting goals, assessing strengths and weaknesses, learning coping mechanisms, doing visualization exercises, completing worksheets and other creative activities, storytelling, practicing boundary setting, establishing life-balance, discovering patterns, learning communication skills and much more.

More About Me

I am incredibly thankful for my family and spend as much time with them as I can. My two pups, Rea and Maya, bring me joy and laughter every day. I enjoy outdoor adventures as well as watching a good movie with popcorn and a cozy blanket. I love to learn and usually have multiple books in progress. I enjoy DIY projects and I bake a mean monster cookie!

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