Courageous Living: From Brokenness to Restoration

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God with Us

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your life circumstances? Are you weary, numb, lacking any sense of happiness, caught in habits to escape from painful circumstances? Are you shut down in deep depression or gripped by anxiety? Are you afraid, and feeling hopeless? Do people disappoint you? Are you being abused? Are your circumstances crumbling? Did you lose your job? Are you an abuser? Do you have low self-worth? There’s a purpose in your painful circumstances if you search the purpose in the pain…a happy life is not always the most meaningful life.

Would it surprise you that I have experienced some of the same feelings? I have faced very difficult circumstances, not just once, or twice, but many times throughout my life. Some circumstances were due to my own poor choices, some were due to circumstances I allowed, and still others were due to circumstances outside my control.


1. Faith:

a. Have a firm foundation: When my life has been tossed and turned by waves of uncertainty, loss, and maltreatment, by circumstances beyond what I could control, I have turned to the only secure attachment I have ever known, I have turned to my savior. Although people can’t always be who we need them to be, to show up, to understand, to meet our needs, God can be our firm foundation. I have found that God is who He claims to be, and He never changes, shifts, abandons, or leaves me (us); He calms the storms in me.

b. Spiritual Health: Without belief and trust in a higher power outside of my own understanding and experience, my marriage, family, business, and friendships would not be as strong as they are today. I have found God’s word to be true, consistent, sure and a compass to weather the storms of life. God’s love, forgiveness, wisdom, and guidance have healed the deepest hurts, guided me through being mistreated, changed low-self-worth, helped heal marriage and family issues, and provided strength and peace during recent tragedies that few have faced.

2. Courage:

a. Lessons Learned:

i. God is living and active and can restore our souls and circumstances when we have faith, trust, and obey him; when we take steps through fear and move forward with His promises for us.

ii. The courage to act on the truths I have read and have come to understand, despite overwhelming fear, negative beliefs, no matter how large the mountain that must be moved; when I have faced the fear, acted upon the truth as I understood it, stopped accepting maltreatment, mountains have shrunk, the path has become shorter, endurance has increased and I have found that I am in a better place.

3. Connection:

a. Without connection to a God who loves, restores, and empowers I would not be who I am nor have what I have.

b. Without a loving family and friends who believe in me, without the work of restoration in these family and friend relationships on an ongoing basis, I would not have been able to move those mountains and get to better places.

c. Without choosing to connect, get out of my comfort zone, share my baggage, share my hurts and life circumstances with others, I would not feel loved in the deepest places, a sense of togetherness in the most vulnerable areas, I would still be alone in grief, shame, discouragements, limitations and pain.

4. Hope for a Bright Future:

a. With Faith, Courage and Connection, the sky is the limit! Don’t stay in an abusive relationship, don’t accept circumstances that are not what you deserve…is it a job you need to leave, a marital situation you need to address, a family relationship you haven’t confronted, is it your own demons you have been afraid to address? Are you stuck in avoiding hard things, in drinking, drugging, gambling, shopping, working, running…find rest, know there’s hope. Do not believe the lie that you are alone, that there’s no escape; there is an escape. Don’t believe that no one would understand, no one cares, you’re a failure. Let us help you find the truth.


a. Call (815) 707-4806 to speak to an intake coordinator who can place you with one of our caring, highly clinically trained counselors; they understand shame, pain, abuse, hopelessness, loneliness…we can walk with you to start moving your mountains.


We care and there’s hope for better tomorrows…

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