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Linda Ziert, MA, ATR

Behavioral Health Therapist/Registered Art Therapist

Hi, I’m glad you are here and starting this journey! My name is Linda and I’m a Registered Art Therapist. I have a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Arts in art therapy holding national registration through the Art Therapy Credentials Board. My studies have given me unique training in combining traditional counseling approaches with the healing power of the arts to assist people in creating positive changes. What drives me as a therapist is the sheer joy of seeing someone grow and find peace, hope, and confidence in their life again!



I have over twenty years of counseling experience in the mental health field. I’ve spent a great deal of time doing individual, relationship and group therapy with children, adolescents and adults. I’ve worked in various settings including inpatient behavioral health, substance recovery programs, and private practice. Since getting my art therapy degree in 2014, I have utilized art therapy specifically with people dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance use, trauma, grief and loss, career changes, divorce, aging, caregiving, disabilities, medical diagnosis, relationship issues and more.



My clinical approaches include a variety of therapy modalities and are tailored to your individual needs. Some of my favorite tools come from mindfulness and self-compassion practices, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, positive psychology (looking at strengths & values) and faith-based elements for those interested. Additionally, in our time together, I’ll assess your comfort in utilizing creativity and art therapy to deepen your understanding of yourself if desired by clients. This can be transformational! A typical session might include using colored pencils, paints, or collage to work on mindfulness, expressing emotions or to look at a particular aspect of your life creatively. It’s easier than you think. All it takes is your openness and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

How I Help

My approach focuses on teens and adults improving self-awareness, self-expression, self-esteem and self-management skills.

My aim is to be a non-judgmental facilitator, guide, and supporter. I will:

  1. Help you gain relief from symptoms.

  2. Help you gain confidence in your ability to cope more effectively with intense emotions and stressors.

  3. Lead you to live more mindfully, proactively and purposefully.

  4. Help you to experience more joy, peace, and clarity.

  5. Help you gain direction via:

    • Assessing where you currently are, where you’d like to be, and then defining achievable goals together.

    • Empowering you to utilize your strengths and self-compassion to improve your emotional wellbeing.

    • Choosing areas to grow in where you’re struggling ie; work/school, relationships, leisure time, and/or spiritualty.


Lastly, I want you to know above all else, I provide a safe space to process real, raw, and difficult things. Being open in this process is what helps the most and your transparency is welcome and necessary! Please come exactly as you are.


More About Me

I have a friendly, easy going, and funny demeanor. I love people and Jesus! I enjoy time with my family, crazy cat, and obnoxious, lovable dogs. I enjoy all things creative, furry, and beautiful. I appreciate the outdoors, art galleries, music, doing art; scripture art, poetry, watercolors, and creating the chalk wall at my church. I love volleyball, hiking, and baked goods (cookies & cakes specifically)J. Enough about me! I’d love to meet you!